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Many business owners have business interruption coverage with their business insurance policy. Business interruption insurance promises to compensate the insured for the income that was lost during the time period of interruption resulting from floods, natural disasters, fires, theft & vandalism and other losses. Extended business interruption coverage pays for the income that is lost after the property is repaired but before the income returns to the pre-loss level. Contingent business interruption provides the insured with coverage for loss to the property of suppliers or consumers of its products or services.

Business Interruption Claim:
When you suffer property loss or damage and your business is unable to operate while repairs or replacements take place, you will suffer income loss.

The basic business interruption claim formula is:
Net Income + Continuing Expenses + Extra/Additional Expenses = Business Interruption Loss

Has your business interruption claim has been denied or undervalued?

When you file a business interruption claim, The Law firm of Mario Serralta & Associates can help you assess the appropriate damages to seek.

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A business interruption policy is complicated and extraneous, let us simplify this process for your livelihood.

Time is money and if a business interruption claim is denied or compensation is below a reasonable amount, a business can experience a catastrophic financial loss.

The Law firm of Mario Serralta & Associates can help protect your rights. We have experience in handling all types of insurance claims. With our extensive experience, we know how insurance companies operate and will fight aggressively for your claim to be accepted. We have a proven record of success obtaining results in and out of court.

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You pay your insurance premium every month so that if anything happens to your property you will not have to pay an overwhelming amount to repair or replace it.

Mario Serralta & Associates will ensure that your Insurance Company pays you what your property is worth.

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