Commercial Property Damage Claims

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Settling a commercial property insurance claim is a complex transaction.

Your first impulse after a catastrophe may be to do whatever it takes to get back to business as usual, that rarely results in getting you the best settlement.

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There are many types of commercial property insurance claims that are covered by most commercial insurance policies. Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely act in bad faith by denying the claim entirely or underpaying business insurance claims since it is cheaper to pay their lawyers to defend these claims than to pay the entire claim outright.

Under the terms of your commercial lines insurance policy, insurance companies are required to restore your business to its previous condition after a disaster occurs. However, this is rarely the case. In response to a claim for damages to your business, the insurance companies will assign insurance adjusters who under adjust and underpay your claim or wrongfully deny your commercial insurance claim altogether.

Aside from recovering money for structural damage to your commercial property, business owners may also be entitled to insurance proceeds for the interruption of the business and lost profits during the time that the business is closed. Filing an insurance claim properly can mean the difference between a denied claim (possibly resulting in you going out of business) or a paid claim.

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Types of Commercial Property Insurance Claims:

  • Burglary/Vandalism/Theft
  • Business Interruption
  • Collapse
  • Drywall Damage
  • Fire/Smoke Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Floor and Tile Damage
  • Foundation Cracks/Failures
  • Hurricane/Wind Damage
  • Mold Damage
  • Pipe Breaks/Leaks
  • Septic/Sewer Back-Ups
  • Storm Damage
  • Vehicle or Aircraft Hitting Building
  • Water Damage

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You pay your insurance premium every month so that if anything happens to your property you will not have to pay an overwhelming amount to repair or replace it.

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