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Getting Your Home Insurance Claim Denied Isn’t The End Of The World.

Claim denials happen all the time, you may need to file a lawsuit in order to recover the payment you are owed. If your home insurance claim has been denied it may be difficult to determine whether it makes sense to file a lawsuit. Fortunately, lawyers are professionally trained to valuate claims and they can answer questions about the local laws relating to insurance claim denials.

If you’ve been denied a claim from your insurance company or you need help with getting a fair claim settlement, then you’ll find the Miami insurance claims denied attorney who can help you here at the Law Firm of Mario Serralta & Associates. Call us now at 305-800-CASA (2272) for a free case consultation or you can learn more by browsing through our website

Make Your Insurance Company Pay The Full Value Of Your Claim!

You pay your insurance premium every month so that if anything happens to your property you will not have to pay an overwhelming amount to repair or replace it.

Mario Serralta & Associates will ensure that your Insurance Company pays you what your property is worth.

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