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When Your Insurance Company Acts In Bad Faith, You Have Rights.

Benefit from hiring a Florida insurance lawyer to manage your insurance claim.

You buy an insurance policy to protect yourself and your family if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always live up to their obligations. Often policies can be confusing to the untrained or inexperienced eye. When payments on claims are wrongfully limited, delayed, or denied – call us. We can help 305-800-CASA (2272).


Life & Safety Issues

Mitigation Of Damages

Establish A Preliminary Recovery Plan

Evaluation Of Coverages

Valuation of Damages, Claim Preperation, and Documentation

Negotiations and Settlement

Restoration of Property & Operations


The experts at the Law Firm of Mario Serralta & Associates can help you as they have successfully helped others just like you. Insurance is a necessity that we never hope to have to use. If the time arises when it is required, we wish for it to be a natural process, especially if you have been paying the correct amount every year and always on time. However, this is usually not the case.

Insurance companies make money when we pay our premiums, and they do not make money when they have to pay out their claims. But it’s the Law that insurance companies live up to the obligations and standards with which they so heavily impart on their policyholders.

The Difference the Law Firm of Mario Serralta & Associates Makes

With Mario Serralta

Call Insurance Company Directly

Recover all possible benefits.


Only rely on the insurance company’s assessments.

We can help you get back to your lives, family, and business.


Stress of navigating a complex and unfamiliar process.

We cover every part in preparing and settling your claim.


Spend hours/days working on your claim.

A team of experts on your side.


Going at it all alone.

Make Your Insurance Company Pay The Full Value Of Your Claim!

You pay your insurance premium every month so that if anything happens to your property you will not have to pay an overwhelming amount to repair or replace it.

Mario Serralta & Associates will ensure that your Insurance Company pays you what your property is worth.

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