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If you’ve been injured, suffered residential or commercial property damage, can you trust your insurance claim to be treated fairly?


Types of Losses for Insurance Claims

A loss is the basis of a claim for damages under the terms of an insurance policy. Types of covered losses can be broken down by commercial versus personal insurance, then by line of business (LOB), then further by type of loss (TOL). Some terms used in the insurance industry for types of loss do not necessarily correspond to the descriptions used by laymen. Therefore, standard insurance policies with few exceptions have a definitions page in the front.


Liability coverage applies to situations in which someone other than the insured is injured. Property damage covers injury to the injured party’s own property. “Bodily injury” refers to damage to the injured party’s person. “Personal injury” refers to damage to a person’s character or reputation. “Medical payments” refers to payment for minor medical expenses of the injured party. Part of the aim of this part of coverage is to generate goodwill in the injured party, reducing the chance of an expensive liability loss. “Medical malpractice,” or “medmal,” is loss coverage offered to medical professionals.

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